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Robotics - RPA versus Physical Robots and Cobots

Do I need automation or robotics? First things first, if you are a business owner you are probably wondering whether automation or robotics is right for your business. The quick answer is: it really depends on your current business needs. Quickscan - Frequently asked questions about automation. Consider these questions:     Are any tasks in your business currently done by human workers and are repetitive and boring?     Are any tasks in your business a bottleneck to productivity?     Are they physical tasks or virtual tasks? RPA R obotic P rocess A utomation Robotics physical robots. Robots for industrial process automation, order picking, logistics... If you can think of even one or two tasks which are repetitive or cause a bottleneck, they may be a good candidate for automation. If they are physical tasks, industrial automation or robotics could be the answer. If they are virtual tasks, a form of software automation might work. What are automation and robo

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is on the rise.

The automation business is moving globally and there are several tools growing in categories. Industrial automation, Robotic Process Automation, test automation.What do the terms all mean!? Are robotics and automation the same thing? A lot of people wonder if automation is right for them. Business owners are asking "Should I invest in automation?" and "Should I invest in robotic automation?" What's the difference between the two? Is automation the same thing as robotics? Automation is a hot topic in many industries right now. It can refer to several things, not just robotics. We help you to break down the differences between the various terms.  Leading Players involved in the development of Robotic Process Automation:     Automation Anywhere (U.S.)     UiPath (Romania)     Blue Prism (U.K.)     Celaton Ltd (U.K.)     IPSoft (U.S.)     Nice Systems Ltd. (Israel)     Pegasystems (U.S.)     Redwood Software (U.S.)     Verint (U.S.) Robot